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Creation Tips

Launch Concurrent Campaigns

Probability Pricing allows e-commerce store owners to launch simultaneous, concurrent campaigns to better understand individual customer price sensitivities. Campaigns can be further laser focused by our geolocation funcionality.

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With the Choose Your Products option, you can select individual products to include in your campaign.


With Premium and Premium Plus plans, you can set up multiple, concurrent campaigns, giving you the opportunity to comparatively analyze which products are doing the best under a variety of conditions. 

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Name Your Campaign

You are likely going to run hundreds of campaigns with Probability Pricing. To stay organized, we recommend giving your campaign a name that relates not only to the products you include, but also details such as the time of year, the magnitude of the discount, and the geographical location of the campaign. 

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Set Start and End Dates

Set the start and end dates to more effectively schedule your campaigns. Many of our larger corporate clients will coordinate discount schedules across multiple departments (marketing, logistics, finance, etc.), and this tool keeps everyone on the same page. Is this just a holiday sale? No problem. End of the season sale on swimsuits? We have you covered.

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Set Maximum Discount

Each of your customers are different in innumerable ways, and those differences affect their purchasing decisions. Customers with higher price sensitivities typically need higher discounts in order to make a purchase, while those with lower price sensitivities will purchase at higher prices. Probability Pricing allows you to capture everyone in the same campaign.

Set Campaign Difficulty Level

How long do you want your customer to have to play before earning a higher discount? Past experience has shown that, particularly for big ticket items, some customers will literally play for hours in order to get higher discounts. More time on your site and more engagement means higher conversions and margins.

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Geolocate Campaign

Laser focus your campaigns with our powerful geolocation tool. Perhaps you want to launch a 4th of July campaign for US customers or Boxing Day campaign for those in Canada.

Choose Products

Probability Pricing links up with your inventory and allows you to seamlessly select which items you want to include in the campaign. 


A data-rich set of reports gives you the information you need to make strategic decisions to grow your business.

Need more help?

If you have more questions about creating a campaign, or if you just want to reach out to get some strategic advice, we're always available.