Probability Pricing

Pricing for a Big Data World


“What Priceline did for the travel industry Probability Pricing is doing for the e-commerce industry – completely reinventing pricing.”

- Scott Case, Cofounder, Priceline 


Probability Pricing is a patented and trademarked discounting technology that's revolutionizing the e-commerce industry.

Through game mechanics, we help store owners gain an uncompetitive advantage by boosting revenue and improving profit margins.

A Game Changer for E-commerce Store Owners

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Probability Pricing allows e-commerce store owners to charge different prices to different customers depending on their willingness to pay.


This is a game changer because your customers are different in innumerable ways. Indeed, some are very price sensitive while others are not at all.

Key Benefits of

Probability Pricing


Reveal the Perfect Price Point

Probability Pricing reveals the highest possible price each unique customer will pay for your products.

Improve Conversions

Some customers are unwilling to pay full price. To convert them into sales, our algorithm gives them personalized, variable discounts.


Increase Margins

For customers who are less price sensitive (and thus willing to pay more for a product), Probability Pricing gives them smaller discounts.

Increase Engagement

E-commerce stores that deploy Probability Pricing are rewarded with vastly increased customer engagement and time on site.

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Capture More Emails

Emails have become a powerful digital currency. Capture more with Probability Pricing and up your e-commerce game.

Neutralize Comparative Pricing Algorithms

The variable pricing mechanics at the heart of our technology ensure that your final sale price remains hidden from competitors.

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Using Time to Unlock Price Sensititivies

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With Probability Pricing, each customer independently determines how much time they want to play the game.


Less price sensitive customers spend less time playing and purchase at lower discounts. More price sensitive customers play longer; they will only make a purchase if offered a higher discount.

Fixed Discounts Do Not Engage Your Customers

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Traditional promotions no longer effectively capture attention – shoppers have sales fatigue.

With Probability Pricing, a completely new pricing technology, curiosity drives increased engagement with your brand, your products, and your services.

Drive More Traffic to Your Site

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Probability Pricing gives you a new and interesting way to present paid ads and email blasts to potential customers.

Capture more attention and drive more traffic to your site with Probability Pricing.

Let's Get Started!

You can find us in the Shopify App Store. Simply download our app, follow the instructions, and you're ready to go.

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