Warehouse Workers

 Pricing Designed Around your Business Needs

Basic Plan


Create a single campaign

Follow the step-by-step instructions and launch your first campaign for your entire store with Probability Pricing.

Basic Reports

View campaign results through a basic report portal.

Premium Plan


100,000 discount game plays included for your plan.

$10 for each additional 50,000 plays.

Create campaigns for specific products

This allows store owners to select specific products they would like to discount as opposed to applying the campaign to all products in the store. 

Launch up to 10 multiple, simultaneous campaigns

This effectively allows a store owner to conduct AB testing on multiple variables, including discount rates, products to be discounted, geolocation of the campaign, etc.

Set your campaign's difficulty level

Set how difficult, in terms of time, it will be for a customer to receive your campaign's maximum discount. Without this function, your campaign's default will be Medium.

Capture Emails

Getting customers' emails can be challenging, but it's a key component of your re-targeting efforts. This allows you to determine how many times your customer engages with the app before we request an email.   

Premium Plus Plan


100,000 discount game plays included for your plan.

$10 for each additional 50,000 plays.

All Premium benefits

Everything in Premium, plus...

Launch UNLIMITED, simultaneous campaigns

This allows multi-variable testing on steroids. For stores that want to have a deep understanding of how they can optimize pricing for numerous cohorts, you've come to the right place.

Geolocate your campaigns

Do you want to set your campaigns depending on where your customer's live? This is a great way to do add an additional layer to your AB testing.

Advanced Customer Support

Probability Pricing has amazing 24/7 customer support. With Premium Plus, you get additional access to support along with one-on-one expert advice from our top notch programmers and marketing proffesionals.